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Olivia Heredia – mezzo-soprano
Andreas Betschart – trombone
Dorottya Marosvári – piano
István Szlovják – piano

The four musicians, as well as the performed pieces, originate from the German, Hispanic and Hungarian cultural environment. The cast of the project KLANGREISE with mezzo-soprano, trombone and piano is various in tone colour and opens several possibilities in combination. The programme consists of pure instrumental music as vocal music in German, Spanish and Hungarian. KLANGREISE abductes the audience to a sensuous path and brings back the longing to travel to undiscovered places and at the same time lets the audience discover the cultural roots of the musicians.

The premiere of KLANGREISE was in summer 2013 in the places of residence and the home towns of the prevailing musicians. Those were Wil (CH), Unterägeri (CH), Zürich (CH), Subotica (SRB) and Szeged (H). KLANGREISE tries to make a contribution to the cultural exchange and there will be a continuiation of it as a concert tour on fall 2014.